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A long time Nikon user, since 70s, currently using a D810, D600 and D7100 to be replaced by the new Nikon D500. I shoot Wildlife both in the wild and in the streets.

Now about this Camera Nikon D500. I will divide it to 3 parts. Image quality, Usability and software/wireless connectivity.
From the quick few days, I can tell you that It is better than D7100, I skipped the D7200 since the Rumor was that this was coming.

I tested the Nikon D500 against D7100 for ISO and general IQ performance. I would say If you are getting this camera to get improved IQ over D7100 or D7200 then you are not going to be that happy. You will not get $1000 better IQ from D500. This Camera is not about the IQ/sensor but it is all about usability, handling and build quality.

This Camera Nikon D500 is a Handling beast. It is all about handling and usability not about ISO or IQ. With 10 FPS, Huge Buffer and an AF system that is much better than D810. If you had a D700/D800/D810 this camera is similar in layout and but Light years a head in ergonomics and Handling. I hold judgement on Build quality being better than D700/D800/D810.

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It is lighter and feels like it is smaller than D810. All the changes are for the better. I thought the grip on D810 was great. But now, I know how much better it could have been. The Joystick is a joy to use and if you are a back button AF-on user then you will be in heaven. We get D5 class treatment here. The Joystick not only moves the AF point around and is much more comfortable to use but it also can activate the AF with a press just like the AF-on button. Why is that a good thing? Well because you can assign different AF mode to it. By assigning different AF mode to each button you can go back and forth between 2 different modes by just picking the button that activates the mode you want. So If you do Birds in flight and use Group AF or Auto Area AF using your AF-on button. But like to use single point AF when the birds land to get sharp eyes. All you have to do is to assign single point AF to the Joystick push button and use it. No more 2 handed Camera juggling with long lenses to change the AF mode. There is several improvements like this that has been added.

The Articulating display is another welcome addition. The relocation of the ISO button is great but it seems to me that they have removed the Easy ISO capability (ability to use one of the command wheels to change ISO quickly). Assuming that since now we can change ISO with one hand you don’t need it but why remove it. It is a mystery to me perhaps above my pay grade. Fortunately they kept the Easy Exposure Comp capability.


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The play back of images is so fast that you can take a burst of a 100 or so images and then play them back like a movie by holding the direction button. Silly to do but fun.

All in all, this is one hell of camera and great value at this price. As I said buy this camera only if you need the handling, usability and build quality.

Now about the Software and Wireless. It is there and not very impressive … enough said.

Snap-bridge is not available for iPhone, but fortunately we had an Android phone in the family to use to test it. Surprisingly it is stable and works. But the APP is lame and will do very little tethering functions. Otherwise if you are using your Nikon D500 to take a snap of your dinner and post it to the face book you are in luck. Other than that I am sure Nikon has plans but knowing their history with software I am sure it will be discontinued and replace by something else soon. eh…

Now an odd thing. The first 2 batteries drained quickly. I was expecting the first one since Nikon uses a builtin battery for internal clock and usually it gets it’s charge from your battery the first time you use the camera. But this thing kept draining the batteries. So a bit of digging showed that all the wireless capabilities are on. WiFi, BT, NF etc. There is a Airplane mode but it is set to off by default. Why? Don’t know. Perhaps again above my pay grade. I turned all that junk off and it seems all is well. But last time I thought all was well I ended up sending my D800 back to Nikon after 3 weeks of getting it. I am hopeful for both our’s and Nikon’s sake.

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Hope this help some of you like me who were waiting for a D810 with Crop sensor for wildlife and sports shooting and were willing to pay the same price as a D810, as I was. We got all we wanted and then some for 1/3 less than what we were expecting to pay.

Nikon please bring back the Easy ISO… pretty please. Mike

Update 4-28-2016:

DSLR Camera. Good news, Bad news when talking about the Nikon D500

DSLR Camera. Good news the battery consumption issue is a none issue. The AF is wicked good, The buffer is limitless for all practical purposes. 60+ shots of large Raw+JPEGs high quality using Sony XQD G cards. We will be going broke buying hard drives. The AF and the buffer alone is worth the extra $1000 for anyone who needs them.

The bad news, I found out during the battery consumption testing that none of the after market batteries will work with this camera. Do not buy after market batteries with this camera. I tried 3 different brands of high quality batteries that I have been using with my D810/D600/D7100 and all had worked like a charm, but none of them works with D500 at all.

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Nikon D500 DX-Format DSLR with 16-80mm ED VR Lens | DSLR Camera
5 stars